Premium Rain Collection Kit for Off-Grid Living

  • Simple and easy

  • Maximum efficiency

  • Pure and clean

  • Ultra light

  • camping

  • Gardening

  • survival

  • anywhere else

  • Rain harvesting system
  • Rain harvesting system
  • Rain harvesting system
  • Rain harvesting system
  • Rain harvesting system
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Hilico Rainwater Harvesting SystemPremium Rain Collection Kit for Off-Grid Living 

Hilico Rainwater Harvesting System

Premium Rain Collection Kit for Off-Grid Living



Collection area: 1 m²

Weight (Metric): 1.30 kg

Storage Capacity: 2X 10 liters foldable containers 

Storage material: Multilayer PE 

Structural Poles: 3 Anodized Aluminum poles

Maximum flowrate: 3 liter/min

Wind resistance: 15 knots (facing the wind) 25 knots (down the wind) 

Ancor needed: 1 vertical anchor 1.5m tall

Tarp Fabric: 70D nylon 5000mm TPU coating

Bag Fabric: 100% RPET

Prefiltration: Mechanical screening 40 mesh stainless 

Box Size (Metric): 43x19x16 cm

  • Maximum efficiency

    An ideal collection surface of 1 m² meters (Almost 11 square foot) is designed to maximize efficiency while withstanding wind.

  • Ultralight

    Only 3lbs, collapsable and fits even in the smallest spaces.

  • Simple and easy

    Only two minutes to set up and pack, no existing infrastructure required and easy to clean.

  • Pure and clean

    The advanced filtration unit prevents leaves and large debris from contaminating the water.

  • Innovative Rain Catching System

    The Hilico off-grid rainwater container is a simple and effective way to collect the best quality rainwater that can provide independence and comfort at home or in nature.

  • Easy, Quick, Effective

    The Hilico rainwater collection system is here to make your off-grid lifestyle easy. Our patented set is made of premium quality materials, weighs 3lbs, and takes no more than 2 min to set up. Everything is compact and foldable so you can easily relocate and store.

  • Care for the Environment

    Unlike single-source waters rainwater can be collected almost anywhere, making it the most sustainable water the planet has to offer. Our water collection system is a great way to enjoy a self-sufficient household with the freedom you always wanted. The system can help to prevent natural resource waste and reduce pollution. It provides access to clean water without requiring any other type of infrastructure.

  • Pure and Clean Water

    Cleaner than the highest standards of bottled water. Rainwater requires less treatment when harvested as it falls. Unlike any other water source on the planet.

Our mission

Hilico was founded as our personal mission to provide children in urban slums around the world with access to clean water. We invest tremendous resources in this journey, and every purchase you make helps us reach and improve the lives of more off-grid communities.

Our mission doesn't end there. We vow that the communities that we help will enjoy the most efficient tools to harness the power of nature in a sustainable way. We are investing heavily in R&D to make our products cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable for the environment. 

Our social mission is the core of Hilico. It is what drives us to be better every day. When you buy our products, you are backing our mission to make a better, more sustainable future.